Monday, October 1, 2012

20 Things I love about Fall

20 Things I love about Fall

1.       Cool nights

2.       Cozy socks

3.       Cozy blankets

4.       Snuggling

5.       Cozy sweatpants

6.       Alabama Football

7.       My hubby in camouflage

8.       Pretty color foliage

9.       Hot chocolate

10.   Cinnamon candles

11.   Apple cinnamon plugins

12.   Fires

13.   Listening to the fire crackling

14.   Riding around looking at everybody’s fall décor

15.   Corn mazes

16.   Thinking back to the many hours spent on a horse this time of year

17.   Soup

18.   Stress free evenings

19.   Afternoon walks

20.   Grilling out


  1. Holy cow! Two posts in 2 days! Yay!!! I loved the pictures in the last post and #14 on your list...well I think we could be guilty of doing that all year round :-) Love y'all!!

  2. I know! Iknow! We sure could!!!:) Love ya'll too!

  3. You didn't tell me you were blogging again! Great, I will enjoy!!!