Sunday, September 30, 2012

This and That

A lot has happened since I last updated. Lots of pictures to follow. Let's see...I will start with my birthday. I turned 26 in August and my family took me out to eat at Coach-N-Four in Crestview!! Boy oh boy was it yummy to my tummy!! Heath was at work for my birthday so he didn't get to go eat with us but while he was home he did take me to a neat little place called Live Oak Landing. It was nice to get away for a few days and just spend some time with my sweet hubby.

This is the little cottage that Heath and I stayed in at Live Oak Landing. This is the best picture that I could get from their website since I didn't take any.


 We took at mini vacation to Navarre beach in September. The highlight of this trip would definitely be hunting for crabs at night. John and I were the master hunters!! I was sick and on an antibiotic so I did not have a lot of energy but we made the best of it. We went to the gulfarium in Fort Walton Beach. In my opinion, save your money! We also rented bikes in Navarre, that was fun but every body had a sore butt the next day!

(If you are wondering yes I am getting every penny out of that kelley's kids outfit that Lane is wearing.)


Lane is 9 months old!! Wow! I can't believe that! He is so busy ALL the time. He is into everything!

A few things he is doing now...
  • crawls
  • pulls up
  • eats very well
  • eats some grown up foods like eggs and bread
  • goes to mothers day out
  • has two teeth
  • only takes one type of paci that thankfully Heath found on amazon
  • still sleeps through the night...well sort of
He is such a joy. We are so blessed!!


  1. Such sweet pictures of lane!! He is growing up so fast!
    Love y'all!

  2. Such sweet pictures of lane!! He is growing up so fast!
    Love y'all!