Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Terrible, Horrible no Good very Bad Day

This terrible day started very early this morning around 1:00 am when Lane woke up with a temperature of 104 on the dot. Yes, he has had RSV for the last 8 days but has not ran any fever with it. So, we discussed it and called the doctor's office to ask what they thought about the fever. After asking the nurse they told me more than likely it was something different than RSV. Off to the doc we go. We check ( I forgot to mention that it has been raining for the past two days straight) in and wait and wait and wait. We finally see the doctor, they do a flu test and blood test, both come back negative. Dr. Baldwin tells us we need to head over to the hospital for a chest X-ray and more blood work. She thinks he may have pneumonia since he has had RSV. I felt so sorry for my little man, he was just pitiful laying there for his X-ray and bloodwork. We go back to the hospital and wait and wait and wait to get the results back from the hospital. Thank The Lord the test came back negative for pneumonia. Turns out we caught the RSV very early and we are now just getting to the bad part. We've been in the doctor's office for over 5 hours today but at least we got some answers. Get better soon Lane or we can put your mama in the crazy house!!


  1. Oh Amy I am so sorry to hear he is so sick! That is an awful day and RSV is absolutely terrible!! Praying for sweet little man! I have a breathing machine if you need one.

  2. So glad your terrible, horrible no good very bad day is over!!! And thankful sweet Laney is better!

  3. hahaha like the title. I can hear you saying it right now. So glad him is allll better!