Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fish River and More Halloween

Lane also dressed up for the AWANA trunk or treat and his mama went around and got him some candy. :) Ok maybe it was for me but it sounded better to say that it was for Lane. I'm not so sure anyone believed me though.


Us girls went to Fish River for a long weekend. We were able to visit with Ken and Yvonne before they headed off to LSU. (Roll Tide by the way) And we also got to visit with Sonny and Peggy and enjoy some of Sonny's fresh fruit from his trees. They have such a neat place and Sonny has huge garden full of yummies.

As we always do when we go to fish river....we rode around and looked at houses. I love the style of houses that has become so popular in the Fairhope area.

We also ate...ALOT and did a little shopping.

We had a good time and so did the little ones. John Luke LOVES going to fish river. He would say "can we just stay one more night at fish river." Little priss pot had fun too and she helps take care of Lane. Kind of like a live baby doll. John Luke also entertained him while we rode around. He got to sit right next to him and kept Lane entertained. Lane loves his cousins and they love him. So glad that we are all close enough that we get to hang out like we do. Sometimes I think we forget how fortunate we are to have family live near us.

One of my favorite houses

Allie Beth and Mamy K

Check out that quick little hand!


  1. Wow! You've been busy posting away and I've missed them all!!! I enjoyed our quick little girls trip! And I'm very thankful that I have two sisters that live nearby and a mama that enjoys our company! I don't know what I'd do without y'all! I am praying that Allie Beth will get to have that same experience one day!

  2. I know Beth! I've totally missed out on all these posts! What has gotten into Mamy?! I enjoyed looking at them all! Keep it up! I had sooo much fun with the girls and kiddos! That's def the way to go! (sorry men folk) ;) Love y'all!!!

    Mamy K